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Cash For Junk Cars Jacksonville

We are the Junk Car Boys, we buy any car, running or not from the public. The JCB started it’s humble beginnings in Portland, Oregon which is located over on the West Coast. It was started by two brothers, who initially, never would’ve fathomed they would have grown to the size they are today. “It’s truly a blessing” says Andrew Hahn, the younger owner of the two brothers. Shortly after beginning, they needed the help of their third, oldest brother, and together, the 3 of them lead each department of the entire company.

The reason for JCB’s success is because of their extreme dedication to customer service. The whole foundation of JCB is to make sure that the customer is taken care of. That motto has made JCB what it is today. People are telling their co-workers, neighbors, family, etc about the service that JCB has to offer.

The three brothers plan on continuing their path on “doing the right thing for the customer” and constantly fine tuning their service. JCB owes all its success to you the customer, because without you, there would be no Junk Car Boys. The 3 brothers will always remember that.

Thank You So Much!

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